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July 5, 2012
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Lovino x Reader


Written by CloudStories~

Enjoy my dears! And please read the description! (warning for insulting Lovi-chan)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Why the heck do I have to come with you bastards?" Said an angry Lovino.

You, Ludwig, Gilbert, Feliciano and Antonio had just invited the Italian to a little "party" at your place, nothing big, just six friends eating together, playing games and watching movies, no biggie. But your hotheaded friend just couldn't stand the German brothers Ludwig and Gilbert for some reason. You understood that he didn't like Gilbert, but Ludwig was just to sweet to not like. His brother annoyed him too for some odd reason, well he was kinda an air head, but still cute. He didn't mind Antonio too much, but at times he would get really pissed at him too. But that's the thing about him, he gets pissed at anything for any reason! Still, you just could hate him.

"But fratello! Please come and we can all make pasta together!" Said Lovinos brother Feliciano.

"Fuck no!" Lovino spat back.

"Whatever let him be forever alone in all him unawsomeness!" said Gilbert while rolling his blood red eyes.

"Ja... there is no one forcing you." Ludwig said while starting to walk away, the others not to far behind.

"Whatever! Not like I care anyways...." He mumbled the rest in Italian.

"Lovi... please come with us. I really want you to be there too!" You tried to explain to him.

"What difference does it make that I'm there? Can't you just be with my 'oh so much better brother'! And where the fuck is that Spanish bastard?"

He was rambling again. This tended to happen sometimes, when he was in an emotionally battle with himself. You didn't know it, but he wanted to go because of you, but was to stubborn do it because of the others. And where was Antonio? He would usually stand and tease Lovino.

"LOVINO!" You interrupted his rambling.

"I want you to come because your my friend and I don't see how your brother, that is not better than you by the way, could ever replace you? And I don't know where the heck that crazy man went! So will you come?!" You almost screamed at the Italian man that was now, silent.

"Fine! Fine. Just, don't yell at me..." He said walking over to the others.

You just sighted in relief that he had calmed down and agreed to come. Lovino walked slowly to the others thinking of what you said. 'My stupid brother could not replace me in her eyes, how long has it been since I felt equal to him?' He thought silently to himself as he failed to notice the blush that forced itself upon his face.

"Eh Lovi! You look you have to small tomatoes on your cheeks! That's so cute!" Antonio screamed as he jumped out from some bushes. 'So there was where he was' you thought as you saw Lovinos expression change and he opens his moth to give the Spaniard a piece of his mind... again!

"Here we go again..." You huffed.

~ * Just a little time skip * ~

"Ve ~! Me and fratello will make some pasta!" Feliciano yelled to everyone.

"Umm... Feli, do you think we could have pizza instead?" You said, careful not to hurt his feelings.

Feliciano was a little sensitive when it came to pasta, and he would make hell for all of you, well mostly Ludwig if he got upset and started to cry and beg. His little face lost its smile, as he looked over at his brother. Lovino smirked. He knew how to make pizza better than anyone! And it made him so happy that you liked pizza better than pasta.

"Well bella! Of course we can have pizza. Oi, stupid fratello! Come on!" He said, still with a smirk on his lips as he left to make pizza with his brother.

"Awesome! Pizza! Pizza! Awesome pizza!" Gilbert sang as he danced around.

"Come on ______! Dance with ze awesome me!" Gilbert said while dragging you with him.

"Yay! Me too!" Said Antonio and joined the singing and dancing.

You didn't usually dance, but you just had to. All of you started to sing higher and started to dance around Ludwig. The blonde German looked like he was in hell and that was just hilarious! Ludwig sighted and walked over to a char, sat down and took to reading the newspaper, while the rest of you continued the dancing. After some more dancing, Gilbert sat down, breathing heavily, but he had an evil smirk on his face.

"Hey ______ come here and give me a lap dance!" Gilbert yelled over at you.

"Wha." You were interrupted by Antonio.

"No! She can't! Because she is dancing tango with me now!" and just after he said that he pulled a rose out of nowhere, put it in his mouth and took your hands. You where so surprised that you just had to move along. The so called awesome Gilbert didn't even have anything to say for what he saw and Ludwig didn't seem to care at all. Antonio made you fall back, and he bended over you, face coming closer and closer until-

"HEY! Tomato bastard! Get your filthy hands of her and the fucking pizza is ready!" Yelled Lovino.

Antonio dropped you on the floor and just stared at his close friend, but his surprised expression quickly turned into a smirk as he understood what was going on.

"Why? Are you jealous that I got to be so close to your _______? hmmm?"

"No! I just don't like you touching her, or anyone at all! Now hurry up" Lovino said as he walked back into the kitchen.

~ * Yet another time skip * ~

The pizza was delicious, in fact to good that during dinner you just had to tell Lovino how good it was. Lovino blushed like a tomato and as usual Antonio had to comment it and as one thing led to another Lovino got so angry that he walked away and right into some random room in your house.

"Ve... fratello got really angry, did you see how red  his face was?" Commented Feliciano right after Lovino had left and slammed a door on the second floor.

"J-ja, maybe he should consider anger management lessons?" Ludwig thought out loud.

"Totally not awsome..." Gilbert said, shaking his head.

"Yeah..." You sighted.

"Hey _______?" Antonio suddenly asked and for some weird reason he was smiling.

"Hmm?" You turned your attention to him.

"Maybe you should go after him? He seems to calm down when its you." He said.

"O-okey I guess" you said with a slight blush on your face as you walked after Lovino.

You slowly walked up the stairs and you soon heard muttering from the storage room. The storage room? You opened the door slowly and in the middle of the room was the angry Italian on the floor. You just could help but think that he looked cute with his angry pout and flustered face.

"Lovino?" You asked sweetly.

"What the hell do you want?" He growled back.

You walked over to him and sat down. His face was red from all the anger, or so you thought. You touched his shoulder and felt him tense up a little. You too tensed a little as you felt your heartbeat fasten up and for some reason it was really hot in the room.

"I wanted to see if you were okay?"

"I'm fine! Now go back to my brother! You probably like him much better anyway..." he said looking sad.

"No! How many times do I have to say that your brother isn't any better than you and for your information I like you better than him!" you blurted out, not thinking at all.

"W-what? Is it really true? Do you like me better than Feliciano?" He asked wide eyed.

"Y-yes. In fact... I like you better than anyone else...." You mumbled looking away and blushing all kinds of new shades.

"Bella..." he whispered.

"W-well not that it matters or anthing, but I like you better thank anyone else too and anything... even better than... than our friendship. I guess what I'm trying to say is T-ti amo _______."

Your eyes widen at his words. Did he love you? Was he jealous when Antonio danced with you and now him? Suddenly all the pieces fell into place and you saw the whole picture of who Lovino was. Your hands were shaking and your heart felt like it was going to jump right out of your chest!

"I-i love you too Lovi. I really do!" You said now looking at him, right into his eyes.

Lovino smiled as he jumped up, took you in his arms and pulled you down to the floor with him and hugged you close. You could feel his heartbeat, it was running crazy as well. You smiled as you lifted your head up a little, just enough to look at his face.

"______, You are so beautiful and I get so jealous and angry when other men touches you, friend or not... I just want to ask an angel to watch over you, but that wouldn't work, since angels don't watch over other angels." He said while looking deep into your (e/c) and letting his hand go through your (h/c) hair.

"That's so sweet Lovi, but I wouldn't need an angel, since I already got one right here" you said looking at him, bending your head down and making your lips brush over his.

Lovino tilted his head up a little to make the kiss firmer and you both closed your eyes, savouring this wonderful moment. Your lips fit together perfectly as they moved in sync. Lovino took one of your hands in his and gave it a lovingly squeeze as you supported more of your weight on his chest. Just as soon as it happened, it ended. Your lips parted but you still stayed close to his face just staring into his beautiful eyes that showed emotions that you had never seen in him. Lovino then suddenly slung both of his arms over your neck and pulled you down into a tight hug. Your arms found the way around his torso and you both lie there on the floor hugging eachother, feeling eachother breathing, heart beating and the warmth of the others body.

"I freaking love you, you pissy bastard." you said, burying your head into hos chest.

You felt his grip around you tighten and his face press closer as he whispers-

"Ti amo bella. Ti amo."

With that you both fell asleep on the floor together, in the store room forgetting everything around you. You could sleep anywhere as long as you were in his arms. He would keep you safe and love you forever. You smiled in your sleep, and as did Lovino.

++++ A little something extra ++++

"Where ze hell is ______? She still have to give me that lap dance!" Gilbert groaned.

"Ve ~ Whats a lap dance Gilbert?" Asked a confused Feliciano.

Ludwig had fallen asleep in the chair and Antonio was on a secret mission to spy on the two of you. He walked up the stairs and saw a door that was slightly open. He stepped closer, opened the door, but being careful not to make a noise. There you laid in the arms of Lovino, both sleeping peacefully. Antonio smiled sweetly at the sight.

"Fusosos! I've got to take a picture of this." Antonio squeaked to himself, careful not to wake you two up. The next day the picture had nearly fifty likes on Facebook, but strangely enough wasn't Lovino angry about it.

The end.
I made it at last! Im sorry its late but its just busy! well im sure youve heard it all before but ROMANO WON! yay! i kinda wrote it in a hurry so dont butcher me for mistakes... its so late and im so tired!

Romantic thing: Sleeping together

Character: Romano / Lovino / South Italy

And why isnt Japan and France in? well cuz i dont want them in this one!

:iconfrancemadplz: :iconderpanplz:

lawn nah! but the next romantic thing is:

Watching the stars together! :dummy:

so vote now!! :)

i hope Romanos character came out well, i was kinda stuck for a while... but oh well! hes so cute right Japan?

:iconpervyjapanplz: Oh how i adore that icon!!! it just makes me lol so hard! but i totally love romano, hes hawt! (its getting late lawl)

btw i dont own ya or hetalia (sad face)

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